Integrating with Kubernetes

FireHydrant's Kubernetes integration allows you to automatically send updates about the workloads deployed in your clusters to FireHydrant. This lets you follow the lifecycle of a change, from GitHub pull request to deployed pod.

Changes appear in your FireHydrant account, enabling you to identify:

  • whether an image in a Replica Set changed
  • the status of Pods in a Deployment
  • whether the labels on a Service were updated

This allows you to easily identify exactly what has changed in your cluster and determine whether changes contributed to an active incident.changelog.labels.png

Resources Tracked

  • DaemonSet
  • Deployments
  • ReplicaSet
  • Services
  • StatefulSets

Installation Instructions

You need a bot token for the controller to use for authentication. We recommend generating one specifically for this integration. This token goes in the firehydrant-keys Kubernetes secret. 

Use the attached YAML manifests to deploy the controller.

Note: Be sure to change [[YOUR_BOT_TOKEN]]  and [[YOUR_ENVIRONMENT_NAME]] before deploying the manifests.


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